The success of our organization is totally dependent on people like you donating children’s books.

  • Adopt a Book believes in read, reuse, recycle! Adult books get “passed along” all the time. Why not children’s books?
  • The books you donate to Adopt a Book become part of a long-term, sustainable effort aimed at providing children with quality, advancing levels of books.
  • The books you donate are processed and ready for redistribution in a timely manner.
  • Books are delivered directly into the hands of schools and organizations who serve at-risk children to take home and enjoy forever.
  • The collection, processing and distribution of gently used, outgrown and new children’s books to those in need is our only focus!

Thank you for your Financial Support


Thank You For Your Support

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If you would like to make a monetary donation via a payment method other than Paypal, please use the form below or you can email us at

Tax Deductible


Your name or organization will be recognized in project-related materials, media releases and social media.

Support at any level is deeply appreciated. Small donations quickly add up for collective impact, supporting special assignments and helping Hannah and Alex continue their mission of sharing their love of reading with children who are less fortunate.